During the holidays, more than any other time, donations for the needy are crucial.

“A holiday meal without guests is not the happiness of a mitzvah.”(Maimonides, Laws of Succah)

“At an auspicious time, when G-d wants to do good to a person, he brings him a poor person for him to support and feed with food and drinks. That pauper will speak in his favor and in his family’s favor that they be blessed with all the best.” (The Zohar)

In the days when you are seeking a defense advocate for yourself before the Day of Judgment, that is the time to participate in financing  holiday meals for the poor guests of  Beit Hatavshil, to purchase an enormous merit for yourself whose value is immeasurable.

Thousands of high quality well prepared holiday meals are sent to hundreds of families during the holidays of Tishrei. At the same time, hundreds of needy people enjoy the meals that are set out in splendor in the dining rooms of Beit Hatavshil, giving them a taste of holiday as it should be.


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