Beit Hatavshil has two dining rooms open to the public – one in Bnei Brak and one in Ranana. The dining rooms are pleasant and have a homey warm atmosphere. Participants receive a nourishing meal and pay one shekel per person. This shekel turns the premises into real restaurants that respect the diners and takes away their feeling of shame from eating handouts.


Every day about 900 families receive deliveries of food to their door in respect and discretion. These are families where the housewife is unable to cook. The nourishing meals change the feeling of pain and sorrow in the home into an atmosphere of home and love.


Meals for the poor – "seudat aniim" is an ancient Jewish custom wherein on the day of a wedding the parents pay for the meal of poor people and thereby bring the blessings of the recipients upon the new couple. The seudat aniim that Beit Hatvshil organizes makes ten children happy who will not go to sleep hungry on the day of your happy occasion.

History of giving


The enormous Beit Hatavshil enterprise of benevolence was established in 1984 and for more than thirty years it has been enlarging its gigantic ventures that provide essential assistance in an honorable manner. Under the direction of Rabbi Yisrael Leichter and Rabbi Simcha Krakowsky, Beit Hatavshil, has made it its goal to meet the enormous challenge of "No Jew shall remain hungry". Following this motto over the years it has expanded its blessed activities unrecognizably. Today Beit Hatavshil has branches throughout Israel.


The support and blessings of the rabbis and Torah giants of the generation have escorted the organization from the minute it was founded and the high regard that the Torah giants relate towards this enormous enterprise is expressed by their participation in its wide-branched activities, their interest and guidance, as well as by the many letters of encouragement that they send to encourage Beit Hatavshil, as they say: "Beit Hatavshil is an emissary of ours, an emissary of G-d and an emissary of all of Israel to support the poor."


Beit Hatavshil does not have funding sources from the government. It relies totally on donations of fine Jews in Israel and around the world. The criteria of Beit Hatavshil were set by Torah giants so that the charity money should reach the right places. To be eligible for support, medical/social documents must be submitted. The parameters of the financial state and the physical/emotional handicaps are the basis for eligibility and for the determination of the prices.

meals sent to needy
prepared meals a day
satiated children


The streets are festive, the aroma of cooked food exudes from homes, tables are set awaitingthe holiday
delicacies – but by them the refrigerator is empty and on the table only a white tablecloth is laid….
Before the holidays Beit Hatavshil works on an expanded schedule in order to enable
every Jewish home to celebrate in happiness and plenty.


According to Jewish Law, one has not fulfilled the obligation of Matanot La’evyonim – Gifts to the Poor – unless he has given the poor

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Many families find themselves in financial hardship in the period before Pesach because of the many expenses and the many daily hardships that they endure

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